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2019 Lab Informatics Year in Review

Since 1995, Astrix Technology Group has been serving the scientific community by helping our customers improve laboratory business processes, source the right talent, and harmonize quality processes by employing the right technology. Our core mission is to build value and trust with the clients we serve, and ultimately help our customers do the important scientific work that improves the world we live in.

2019 was a really great year for Astrix. Over this past year, we doubled our practice servicing federal agencies, reached an important milestone of 750 total employees, and grew by an amazing 34%. Along the way, we added new services, conducted industry surveys, produced helpful white papers and blog posts, sponsored and gave presentations at several important industry conferences, and provided a number of information-packed webinars to support the scientific community. Let’s take a closer look at some of our key contributions and achievements which helped make 2019 such an exciting year for the Astrix family.

Astrix 2019 Chronology

Q1 Contributions. We started off the year at Astrix by disseminating our annual 2018 LIMS Survey to professionals in R&D laboratories to better understand the issues surrounding LIMS deployments and serve our customers better. We produced a comprehensive report about this survey to summarize our findings and help companies understand the issues related to successful LIMS deployment.

We also produced two comprehensive white papers in Q1 of 2019 that helped readers understand and address key business challenges:

February 2019 was a big month for us. Our webinar entitled Designing LabWare Solutions for Maintainability and Scalability was a great success, and served to help us grow our LabWare practice significantly in 2019. Astrix also launched our 360 Degree Laboratory System Services in February, effectively providing Laboratory Informatics as a Service (LIaaS) for our customers to remove the hassle of managing your own laboratory devices and informatics systems.

In addition, we also sponsored the 2019 Bio-IT World Conference & Expo in San Francisco, CA in March. At this conference, Dale Curtis, our company President, gave a presentation entitled “Addressing Data Management Challenges in Genomics Research” in the Integrated Pharma Informatics conference program.

Q2 Contributions. Astrix sponsored the 2019 Bio-IT World Conference & Expo in Boston, MA this spring. The two pre-conference workshops we gave Bio-IT (Lab Informatics: An Insider’s Guide to Project Success and Digital Data Strategy for the Lab) were a great success.

We also produced two important white papers for our customers in this quarter:

Finally, Astrix Managing Director Randy Hice rounded out are Q2 activities with an extremely popular webinar entitled The Importance of Strategic Planning in Laboratory Informatics Projects. This webinar addressed one of the biggest mistakes companies make when starting an informatics project – failing to invest the time and resources for the strategic planning necessary to ensure success.

Q3 Contributions. The third quarter saw the production of our very popular white paper Best Practices for Conducting Data Integrity Assessments, where we discussed best practice recommendations for conducting data integrity assessments to help ensure compliance with FDA regulations.

Astrix also conducted an important webinar in September Digital Data Strategy for the Lab, where we discussed opportunities and approaches to a achieving a holistic digital strategy for the lab, one that encompasses the relationships between systems and the lifecycle of data.

Q4 Contributions. This fall, we released another white paper Optimizing Laboratory Software Vendor Selection with Strategic Planning in which we outlined a comprehensive vendor selection methodology that, when applied properly, will serve to ensure that you select the laboratory technology that will provide the most business value for your organization.

Astrix also sponsored and/or attended several conferences this fall.

Finally, we capped off 2019 by launching our Laboratory Relocation Services, where our professionals manage, facilitate and coordinate all aspects of your laboratory relocation to help make your move safe and efficient, while at the same time minimizing downtime and disruption for your business.


2019 was a great year for Astrix! We feel very blessed to be contributing to the furthering of science and scientific discovery in our world today and look forward to our continued growth and expansion of services in support of the scientific community. We value each and every one of our customers greatly and look forward to contributing to your success in 2020!

Astrix is a laboratory informatics consulting firm that has been serving the scientific community since 1995. Our experienced professionals help implement innovative solutions that allow organizations to turn data into knowledge, increase organizational efficiency, improve quality and facilitate regulatory compliance. Click here to watch our new video that provides an overview of our services and culture. If you have any questions about our service offerings, or if you would like have an initial, no obligations consultation with an Astrix informatics expert to discuss your laboratory informatics project or strategy, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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