Green Initiative

We are committed to a policy of making environmental stewardship a core part of our business strategy by having an active commitment from our leaders all the way to a company-wide scale. Astrix always has a willingness to look at all projects and decisions with an eye toward the environment.

We know that we must all do our part to tackle critical environmental issues, such as the reduction of greenhouse gases and the depletion of natural resources. At Astrix, we have implemented a  comprehensive environmental sustainability plan.  This plan represents our long-term commitment philosophy of going green which includes using an array of recycled products,  low energy technology and providing a sponsorship to the Arbor Day Foundation.

The passion and enthusiasm of our staff help fuel our maturing enterprise-wide approach to environmental sustainability as we look to integrate sustainable practices into our business right from the start.  Environmental sustainability makes good business sense as it’s an important investment in our future.