Architectural Assessment

For organizations managing complex laboratory informatics systems such as LIMS, ELNs, and scientific content management systems (SDMS), understanding how these assets fit into the enterprise architecture (both current and future state) can be a challenge. Creating a fully-integrated environment connecting devices to laboratory systems to enterprise systems is a complex undertaking. Astrix takes a highly-targeted approach to Enterprise Architecture (EA) that is includes the total laboratory informatics ecosystem, taking into account common architectures and typical challenges, while leveraging industry best practices. Enterprise Architecture is applied in multiple layers spanning tactical to strategic, building upon initial discovery and assessments.

The Astrix Approach to Enterprise Architecture is time-sensitive and highly targeted:

  • Avoiding many of the pitfalls in traditional EA
  • Focusing on the targeted slice of the enterprise
  • Producing “Just enough information to make decisions – Just in time to make them”

Astrix Services include:

  • Enterprise Architecture Strategy Services
    • How the business is organized to meet its objectives
    • How applications and information systems support the objectives of the business
    • How the technology fits together
  • Application Strategy Services
    • Rationalize application and technology portfolio
    • Deliver future state architecture and strategic roadmap aligned with Partner Applications strategy
    • Considerations:
      • Cloud Strategy / Deployment
      • Data Monetization
      • Big Data Strategy / Deployment
      • Internet of (Laboratory) Things Strategy / Deployment
  • Information Architecture & Lifecycle Management Services
    • Holistic enterprise approach to establish decision-making principles and standards for use of information as a business resource
    • Covers entire spectrum of information and data management functions
    • Can focus deeper into:
      • Master Data Management
      • Content and Records Management
      • Data Governance / Data Quality
      • Data Modeling and Design
      • Data Security
      • Meta Data Management

Our methodology is multi-faceted and includes:

  • Use of roadmaps as stepping stones from Current State to Future State
    • Transitional Architectures are designed to bring business value forward as opposed to waiting for payback until the vision is fully implemented
    • Requires a Delivery Architect to be the “keeper of the vision” in order to avoid losing that value.
  • Team-driven approach
    • Collaborative work between Astrix and clients
    • Uses Joint-Execution Plans to document key responsibilities and expected outcomes
    • Establishes executive buy-in from the beginning to ensure that the expectations are communicated and progress is reported
  • Examination of enterprise component from multiple perspectives
    • Business Goals and Direction
    • Application Portfolio supporting that portion of the business
    • Information Architecture that is maintained or reported upon
    • Technology Architecture that underlays the Applications and Information models
  • Applied Enterprise Architecture – Taking the enterprise strategy to a deeper levels