Astrix 2021 Summer Learning Program: Recommendations from our Continuous Learning Library – Vol 1, 2021

Summer is a time for fun, family & friends, and catching up on the fantastic programs and articles that you may have missed over the last few months! Astrix would like to share the following recommendations from our continuous learning library to enjoy during the relaxing days of summer.

Astrix 2021 Digital Transformation Webinar Series is now available in our On-Demand Resource Center

Astrix has brought together innovative informatics solutions providers from across the industry that are at the forefront of technology to present cutting edge solutions that will enable the transformation of your laboratory into the digital lab of the future. Please enjoy our selection of on-demand webcasts to learn more about these revolutionary advancements in laboratory informatics.

Learn about the current trends in laboratory informatics from the industry experts!

The 2020 LIMS Industry Research Report
is produced each year by Astrix, and represents extensive research into the use of laboratory informatics systems including detailed analysis of trends and issues that are commonly faced by laboratories in implementing and maintaining these complex systems.

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Scientific Computing World Article: Transforming the Laboratory
Astrix works with life science organizations to identify and implement systems for scientific informatics and laboratory operations, to maximize value from scientific data, improve product and experimental quality, and aid security and regulatory compliance.

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Astrix has been an industry leader for over 25 years in helping scientific organizations implement and integrate new informatics systems in the laboratory. Our domain experts have helped hundreds of companies globally effectively navigate their digital transformation journey. If you would like to explore how to optimize your laboratory informatics strategy, please contact Michael Zachowski at mzachowski@astrixinc.com

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