In today’s ever-changing business climate, laboratory relocation is something that many companies will eventually face. Whether due to mergers, acquisitions, funding changes or simply organic growth, a laboratory relocation is an extraordinarily complex undertaking that will impact your laboratory’s scientists, research and business goals.

Astrix Technology Group provides cost-effective laboratory relocation services that mitigate risk, improve efficiency, save money, and enable scientists and lab staff to focus on their research. 

Astrix professionals understand the Life Science industry and specialize in laboratory logistics. From the initial site assessment of both the sending and receiving facilities, all the way through transportation and requalification of your instruments, our experienced professionals manage, facilitate and coordinate all aspects of the process to minimize downtime and disruption for your business.

Astrix provides relocation services that fit your unique needs.

Do you need to move your entire laboratory or simply remove instruments that have fallen into disuse? You can utilize all our available services described below, or just a portion of them depending on your requirements. Contact us today to learn more about our Lab Relocation Services.

Our laboratory relocation services can include:

Pre-Move Phase

Typically 3-6 months ahead of move date, but depends on move size

Project Planning

  • Assemble project team including all stakeholder
  • Determine the effect on the business – map out service interruption
  • Identify risk factors associated with relocation and mitigate them
  • Establish a communication plan for the duration of the move

Site Assessment

  • Complete asset inventory including all instruments, PCs
  • Confirm needs of temperature sensitive chemicals, biological samples, and supplies
  • Determine permits required for hazardous materials
  • Record additional assets to be relocated including tables, hoods, chairs, etc.
  • Map physical layout of the old and new facilities – include loading dock access schedules

Moving Vendor Selection

  • Document requirements
  • Write RFP
  • Invite vendors
  • Execute RFP
  • Coordinate response and defense presentations
  • Facilitate selection
  • Negotiate costs

Move Execution Phase

Typically 1-3 months ahead of move through the move date

Project Management

  • Establish role as primary point of contact with all vendors
  • Review with instrument and software vendors required and upcoming maintenance
  • Schedule instrument and software vendors availability for system decommission/recommission
  • Support site walkthroughs with moving coordinator
  • Establish project plan with acceptable downtime for laboratories
  • Host vendors for instrument decommission
  • Confirm loading dock access for move day
  • Track required permits as needed
  • Facilitate move day
  • Report back to project team in proactive manner

Laboratory IT Services – In coordination with instrument services during the move

  • Determine needs for pre-move benchmarking if appropriate
  • Complete decommission, labeling and packing of PC and accessories
  • Recommission of the PC in new space
  • Perform any post-move benchmarking of the system as needed

Post Move Phase

Typically up to 1 month after the move depending on size

Project Management

  • Host vendors for recommission activities as needed
  • Complete final report

Inventory Services

  • Perform manual inspection to confirm inventory
  • Update corporate inventory system with new dataset

Compliance and Validation Services

  • Requalification (IQ/OQ/PQ) as needed in GxP facilities