Astrix Nearshoring Services

In an effort to make cost-effective options available to our customers, Astrix provides highly qualified nearshoring teams out of our Costa Rica office with expertise in Professional Services. Costa Rica has a world-class University System, offering a large talent pool with computer science, engineering, and scientific degrees. The country has a total of 61 Universities, and since 2010, the number of graduates in software and informatics has grown at a CAGR of 7.1%.

Our nearshoring professionals offer the same level of scientific domain knowledge, laboratory experience, and technology expertise as our domestic teams, but at a significant cost savings.

All the Professional Services offered by our domestic teams are also available out of our Costa Rica office – Business Process Analysis, Enterprise Architecture, Technology Selection Services, Informatics Development and Implementation Services, Computer Systems Validation, Managed Services.

Why Nearshore in Costa Rica?

  • Cost Savings: Significant cost savings over our domestic teams, with the same technical capabilities
  • Strategic Location: Similar time zone as mainland U.S. (central time zone) allows phone communication during normal business hours
  • On-Site Availability: Same day flights and ease of travel in and out of the US for on-site client work
  • Good Cultural Fit: Bilingual education system with English as the second language assures that our team speaks fluent English
  • Talented Technical Resources & Leadership: Our team members have extensive training and experience with laboratory informatics projects, along with access to all the necessary technical resources.
  • Stable Connection: Economic and political stability, along with solid internet redundancy, utilities and infrastructure
  • Managed Services Option: Costa Rica is the Astrix hub for Managed Services – 24/7 coverage, IT and application support.
  • Governance: The Astrix nearshore team in Costa Rica are not contractors, they are full time employees of Astrix and part of the same organizational hierarchy as the US team.

Utilizing the Astrix Approach™, our nearshoring professional services team can help you to develop and implement a strategic plan that serves to maximize organizational efficiency and achieve business goals. Nearshoring with Astrix offers the peace of mind that comes from knowing your nearshoring team is part of a trusted domestic laboratory informatics company with over 20 years of successful project experience.

Whether you need onsite, onshore or nearshore resources, Astrix can provide a customized project team to deliver the solution that is right for both your business and your budget.