October 2021

A Universal Digital Data Integrity and Compliance Infrastructure for Data in Flight

Date:  Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Time:  1:00 PM EST / 10:00 AM PST

Presenters: Dale Curtis, CEO, Astrix & Dave Levy, Global Product Director, Scitara

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In this webinar, we will discuss how Scitara Digital Lab Exchange (DLX™) provides the critical infrastructure needed to support data integrity, including data in flight, across your end-to-end laboratory ecosystem at the lab, site and global level. 

Digital Transformation Webcast Series: Revolutionizing Scientific Laboratory Informatics

Astrix is bringing together innovative informatics solutions providers from across the industry that are at the forefront of technology to present cutting edge solutions that will enable the transformation of your laboratory into the digital lab of the future. 

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“Learn How Discovery Data Technology Enables Faster Discovery Research”

  • Date: November 4th 1:00 EST
  • Company: Certara
  • Presenters:  David Lowis, Executive Director, Scientific Informatics, Certara


Scientific Computing World Article: A Digital Journey

Determining the best approach to a digital transformation effort can be a confusing and complex task for most organizations. In a recent interview with Scientific Computing World, Dave Dorsett, Astrix’s Principal Software Architect, discusses how no single approach exists to transport you from a current state of paper processes, siloed technologies and inconsistent data sets to the digitally transformed laboratory of the future.

The reality is that the digitization journey will be different for everyone, based upon the unique set of circumstances surrounding your business. In this article you will learn how to establish the three pillars that build the foundation for all successful digital transformation initiatives: People, Process and Technology.

Why Strategic LIMS Program Management is Critical to the Success of your LIMS Deployment

Choosing the right LIMS program manager is the key to effectively navigating the process, leading to the successful and timely deployment of your LIMS. In this eBook we will discuss:

  • The critical role of the LIMS Program Manager
  • The 5 stages of a well-executed LIMS deployment
  • How to prepare a RACI responsibility assignment matrix to effectively manage your deployment process
  • How to establish strong program governance and excellent communication across the organization and throughout all levels of the program team
  • The qualifications necessary for effective LIMS program management

Astrix On-Demand Webinar

Expert Insights Strategies for Leading a Successful Digital Transformation in the lab

Astrix CEO, Dale Curtis, along with our executive team of informatics experts led a live Q&A to provide valuable insights on the benefits, pitfalls and best practices to help navigate your digital transformation journey.

The key takeaways from this one of a kind event include:

  • How to maximize the benefits of a digital transformation initiative
  • Best practices for implementing a successful digital strategy
  • Common challenges and obstacles and how to avoid them
  • Incorporating new technologies such as cloud, AI and ML to achieve a truly transformative laboratory environment
  • The timelines and resources required to accelerate and achieve a successful digital transformation

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