Recruiting and hiring quality scientific staff is an extremely challenging, time-consuming and risky undertaking for a business. The negative consequences of poor recruitment decisions can be enormously impactful on company resources, finances, reputation and moral.

For over two decades, Astrix has been a trusted industry resource for scientific staffing services. Let us take care of the recruitment process for you, so you can focus on the science.

We offer a variety of different staffing models, and we’ll work with you to address your unique challenges, helping you better define your needs and requirements. Our recruiters have scientific backgrounds and experience spanning numerous industries. We have developed a data-driven and methodical, yet flexible, approach in order to provide your business with candidates that match your unique requirements and fit your company culture. Our recruitment process typically includes the following stages:


  • Receive resume from application, referral or job board
  • Verify work authorization, education and professional work history
  • Determine skills, strengths and work ethic through in-depth technical and behavioral interviews
  • Assess fit to client requirements and culture

Resumé Submission

  • Share job description and answer candidate questions
  • Advise on resume format of technical skillsets
  • Recruiter reviews resume with account manager
  • Combine screening notes with resume to share with client managers via email


  • Provide interview preparation (phone, Skype, onsite)
  • Professional reference checks for relevant professional work experience
  • Debrief day of or minimum day following phone or onsite interview
  • Confirm mutual interest in moving to offer stage

 Offers& Onboarding

  • Partner with client managers to determine appropriate offer details
  • Facilitate negotiations
  • Communicate onboarding expectations, timelines
  • If applicable, utilize electronic offers & onboarding via Astrix HR

Career Consultation

  • Check-in at 30/60/90 days with candidate and client managers
  • Utilize electronic engagement surveys to encourage timely feedback
  • Participate in review or coaching conversations to ensure placement success
  • Celebrate successes with onsite visit, lunch or other appropriate recognition