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Astrix Technology Group Podcast – The Digital Transformation of the Lab

Advances in the digital transformation of scientific labs are occurring so fast that it’s hard to keep up—as if COVID-19 hasn’t given labs enough to keep up with already. But when you consider how much these advances help researchers improve efficiencies, tap into higher-quality data and, ultimately, accelerate the launch of game-changing developments, it becomes clear that laboratories can’t afford to fall behind. Nor can they afford to take a merely “pure” approach to digital transformation, either. Successful digitalization starts with smart end-to-end
strategy and prioritizes the human element. And there’s no better time begin than now—even during COVID-19.

Just ask Dale Curtis, President of Professional Services, and Bridgette Chambers, MBA, PhD, President of  Outsourced Services, both at Astrix Technology Group. In fact, we did, and we discussed digital transformation’s evolution and how laboratories can benefit, too.

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