Diversity Policy

Astrix Technology Group values diversity and inclusion and recognizes that these tenants must be an inherent part of our culture and business.  Astrix management views diversity and inclusion as more than a goal, but as a catalyst to achieve creative thinking and collaborative partnership in all of our business relationships.  We are dedicated to the synergy achieved by working with talented people and assiduous businesses and are committed to fostering an inclusive business climate for all of our business partners including job candidates, employees, customers, suppliers and communities.

Astrix understands that each individual is unique and recognizes that our individual differences enrich our talented and skilled workforce. Our diversity philosophy is to develop a workforce that represents all segments of the population and fully utilizes the potential of every member of this workforce.

Astrix recognizes diversity as a business advantage and has established workplace policies and programs that cultivate:

  • Inclusion
  • Accessibility to opportunities
  • Work/life balance
  • Open communications
  • Employees’ sharing  in the company’s success
  • A safe and pleasant work environment

Astrix values all of our employees’ talents, strengths and perspectives. Astrix seeks to foster an environment where people are not divided by their differences; rather they build upon them to work toward a common goal. Through encouragement of diversity and inclusion and by valuing them at the same level as we value quality, capability and competency, Astrix Technology Group’s diversity policy improves the services and value it delivers to clients, employees and shareholders.  Furthermore, it enables us to become a valued member of, and better contribute to, the communities in which we live and operate.