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Highlights from the 2018 LabVantage Customer Training and Education Conference

Astrix Technology Group was pleased to be the Platinum sponsor for this year’s North American LabVantage Customer Training and Education Conference (CTEC) event on October 21st – 26th. This year’s conference was a great success, featuring a heavy concentration of customer presentations and customer-led panels, along with many different topics and hands-on training options.

We enjoyed meeting many of you over the course of the conference and appreciated the opportunity to share experiences and discuss strategies and challenges associated with optimizing the laboratory operating environment. Here are some of the highlights from this year’s conference.

Conference Highlights

CEO’s Update

John Heiser, LabVantage CEO, started off the conference by outlining LabVantage Core Values moving forward under his leadership:

  • Performance, no excuses
  • Everybody deserves special treatment
  • Business is a social institution

Overview of LabVantage 8.4

LabVantage 8.4 will be released in January 2019 with a variety of new and improved functionality – improved work assignment & planning, management of issues, automated issue submission to LabVantage, in-application access to log files, options for handling informational OOS and customer-specific specifications, improved data import/export, and much more.

LabVantage Master Data Management Enhancement

Significant changes have been made to managing master data in LabVantage 8.4. Users can now collect master data in an Excel format and rely on Excel validation for some data controls in the Master Data Collection workbook. LabVantage 8.4 also provides enhanced DFDs to upload master data into a new LabVantage instance.

Additionally, new Master Data Navigators allow a Master Data Builder to create, manage and complete master data from a single screen utilizing a top-down approach, as opposed to bottom up. There is no longer a need to navigate many different pages to build up a master data hierarchy, as the new Master Data navigator has all related objects within a single maintenance area.

Data Privacy in LabVantage 8.4

LabVantage 8.4 offers several new features that will help users to control who sees what, mask data when necessary, and even anonymize personal data from the system when requested by an individual for meeting the new GDPR, HIPAA, or other regulations on data privacy.

Beyond LabVantage 8.4 Round Table Discussion

The focus in this discussion was on setting the premise that modern digital laboratory systems bring great efficiencies and technical capabilities to support the science. However, the massive volume of data generated by these systems presents unique challenges.