Laboratory Efficiency Assessment

The Astrix approach utilizes a robust set of tools to help you assess the maturity of your laboratory efficiency efforts.

In today’s increasingly competitive environment, laboratories are facing increasing pressure to do more and better work with fewer resources. This translates into a need for laboratories to improve operational efficiency in order to maximize their value contribution to the Enterprise. There are in fact numerous ways to improve laboratory efficiency:

  • Optimize lab processes and workflow
  • Increase automation
  • Match staff skills to duties
  • Improve lab ergonomics
  • Reduce technology bottlenecks
  • Reduce or eliminate errors
  • Improve consistency
  • Ensure compliance
  • Improve access to information
  • Reduce inventory and working capital needs
  • Expand capacity without additional capital or staff
  • Foster collaboration

At Astrix, we offer a state of the art Laboratory Efficiency Assessment as part of our comprehensive package to improve your laboratory operations. Our four-part process is adapted from successful models used to automate manufacturing, effectively helping you to assess the maturity of your laboratory efficiency efforts:


  1. Thorough overview of laboratory operations
    • Generate overview of laboratory operation pain points
    • Identify systems, equipment, and processes involved in pain points
    • Identify high level process issues and future goals
  1. Identify the opportunities for improvement
    • Identify opportunities for efficiency to improve current business processes
    • Identify KPIs relevant to the opportunity criteria
    • Rank opportunity criteria
    • Score specific project and site against opportunity criteria
  1. Establish feasibility
    • Identify feasibility for efficiency being implemented.
    • Identify KPIs relevant to the feasibility criteria.
    • Rank feasibility criteria for project and site
    • Score specific solution against feasibility criteria
  1. Develop an Integrated efficiency strategy
    • Plot outputs of the opportunity and feasibility scoring
    • Consider if the efficiency solutions increase efficiency maturity

We have both deep scientific domain knowledge and extensive experience in laboratory operations, so we understand your lab and its workflows. With our Laboratory Efficiency Assessment, we will help you formulate an effective plan to address your lab efficiency challenges, facilitating improvements in laboratory quality, efficiency, cost-effectiveness and compliance – ultimately helping you to do more with less.