LabVantage LIMS Services

Astrix Technology Group provides a complete set of LabVantage LIMS services to ensure your investment is performing at at the highest level.  Using the Astrix Approach®, we provide LabVantage services to a wide range of life science-based companies an the services inlcude:

  • LabVantage Implementation
  • LabVantage Training
  • LabVantage Upgrades
  • LIMS Strategic Planning

Whatever your business needs, our consistent yet customizable Astrix Approach™ will help you get the most from your LabVantage system. In addition, Astrix has a flexible delivery model (Professional Services, onsite, nearshoring) that we can customize to best meet your needs.

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About LabVantage

LabVantage’s comprehensive solution integrates Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS), Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN), Laboratory Execution System (LES), and Scientific Data Management System (SDMS). Embedding the ELN, LES, and SDMS into the LIMS maintains a consistent user experience and limits the need to manage multiple vendor solutions or expensive complex interfaces.

With an ELN and LES, LabVantage eliminates unnecessary paper records and helps users easily capture, organize, and manage data, while collaborating on experiments and test execution workflows across your organization.

Our integrated SDMS enables the easy, secure capture of all instrument-related data files and result capture. With robust and flexible storage options, it simplifies your data management, reduces data bottlenecks, and ensures data integrity.

With our new and powerful Configuration Management and Transfer feature, you can easily control changes you make to your LIMS configuration and master data with full auditing and change approvals capabilities.

Increase your lab’s productivity with LabVantage’s fully integrated platform.

LabVantage invests heavily in product development, and thus frequently releases product upgrades. As LabVantage LIMS constantly evolves to keep up with the needs of the people and businesses that use it, regulated companies must perform validation activities on an ongoing basis in order to reduce compliance risk, ensure quality, and maintain data integrity.