LabWare LIMS Services

Do you need help implementing LabWare? Do you want to upgrade to LabWare 7? Do you want to optimize your current LabWare Implementation? Astrix can help!

The Astrix Team has extensive experience with LabWare and can provide the support you need to successfully implement, optimize or upgrade a LabWare system.  Astrix Technology Group professionals have successfully demonstrated the use of industry wide best practices in the evaluation, design, development, implementation and integration of laboratory informatics solution options for hundreds of clients in a wide range of industries. Astrix Provides the following core LabWare Services

  • LabWare Implementation
  • LabWare Training
  • LabWare Upgrades
  • LabWare customization and configuration

Astrix has the product expertise, industry knowledge, and wide-ranging skills and experience you need to ensure that you will get the most out of your LabWare system.

LabWare LIMS  offers a broad range of user-configurable functionality, enabling the system to be readily adapted to and optimized for your operational needs as your business changes. Whether you are upgrading your LabWare system, looking to optimize your current LabWare implementation, or replacing your current system with LabWare, our consistent yet customizable Astrix Approach™ will help you get the most from LabWare.

We begin with a thorough assessment of your current overall laboratory environment and workflows. Once this assessment is complete, we provide you with a report that describes the opportunities to configure/customize your LabWare system to improve support for laboratory processes, integration, workflows, analyses, reporting requirements, compliance, quality, etc.

About the latest version of LabWare LIMS:
LabWare version 7 is a highly configurable, full-featured, enterprise grade software system that successfully integrates a LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) and ELN (Electronic Laboratory Notebook) into a functioning single solution.

Some LabWare upgrades contained within version 7 include:

  • Functional enhancements – More than 500 new capabilities have been added to LabWare’s functional footprint.
  • A new interactive Dynamic User Interface – New interactive and browser independent workflows and dashboards that utilize the latest web technologies have been added. Dashboards allow for near real-time business analytics so you can track the key performance indicators for your business.
  • LabWare Design Studio – Enables the creation and management of Dynamic Visual Workflows and Dashboards without the need for programming skills.
  • Platform for new Mobile Applications – LabWare 7 is the strategic platform for a future suite of native Mobile Applications targeted for various smart devices.
  • Performance enhancements – Improves system performance through the introduction of important new technologies.
  • Browser enhancements – Adoption of the latest web technologies enhances the User Experience across deployment modes and accelerates LabWare’s delivery of future functional enhancements.
  • Enhanced configuration and maintenance capabilities – Improve LabWare’s total cost of ownership and overall value proposition.