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Astrix On Demand Webinar – Developing your Lab Informatics Roadmap Through Business Process Analysis

An on-demand webinar by the Astrix Technology Group


When laboratories consider modernizing their technology and infrastructure, they often overlook evaluation of their business processes such as developing a lab informatics roadmap.  Is the lab using modern day best practices? Has consideration been given to how data will flow and be consumed? Considerable effort is spent jumping into system architecture and technology without first mapping out the underlying data architecture and business capability needs. With today’s increasing complexity in research and the need for cross functional teams to work together in order to maximize efficiency, it is imperative that your informatics strategy incorporate a holistic approach to enhancing your business processes, data flow, and technology solutions.

This webinar will provide the attendees insight into how building the right strategic informatics strategy starts with looking at your current business processes, creating your future state workflows, and mapping the data and systems architecture to create the right informatics roadmap.

Topics Covered Include:

  • Business Process Analysis and Optimization for lab informatics
  • Considerations for Data Standards and Technologies
  • Informatics Roadmap and Candidate Architecture