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Astrix Webinar – LabVantage Instrument Integration: LIMS CI as a Key Component of Your Digital Transformation Strategy

A webinar sponsored by the Astrix Technology Group

Date:  Wednesday March 24, 2021

Time:  1:00 PM EST / 10:00 AM PST



LabVantage Instrument Integration Webinar Summary – Data needs to flow rapidly from instrument to system to keep up with the pace of today’s digital laboratory. But how can we leverage new and existing integration tools to aid the process of digital transformation in the lab? What are the challenges we face when we try to get all the many disparate parts of the digital scientific environment to talk to one another?

To provide a tool to meet these challenges, LabVantage has released LIMS CI, a complex instrument interface ready to be adapted to your lab’s integration needs. This interface provides a framework by which we can integrate with laboratory instruments, software solutions, parsers, and libraries to further automate the digital transfer and synchronization of data between systems. On this webinar:

  • LIMS CI vs. LabVantage Connect
  • How to configure and deploy LIMS CI drivers in LabVantage
  • Designing unidirectional and bidirectional LIMS CI drivers
  • Adapting LIMS CI for other integrations