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Industry Webinar – Cyber Security for Life Science Laboratories

Astrix’s own Dale Curtis will be presenting at this upcoming webinar

Secure connected labs empower scientific progress

Remarkable improvements to collaborative and cloud technologies are catalyzing a revolution of scientific discovery. In life science laboratories and research centers around the world, interconnected systems that make it easier to gather, analyze, and share data are driving innovation, improving quality control, and expediting results. But these same systems, when not properly secured, are also a source of vulnerability to cyber threats that endanger scientific progress and individual privacy. To maintain momentum in the right direction, cybersecurity must be a keystone of today’s nascent scientific revolution.

Join our July 22 webinar to hear leaders from government, industry, and Booz Allen discuss the current and future state of cybersecurity. A central focus of their conversation will be how to develop and implement cybersecurity strategies that provide researchers with the security and freedom to collaborate on the next life-saving, game-changing breakthrough.

Webinar Event Details:

  • July 22, 2020 from 12-1 pm EDT
  • Registration is free

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to address the cybersecurity needs of the scientific community to ensure that researchers can collaborate freely and safely
  • How federal agencies and industry experts view the current and future state of enterprise-wide cybersecurity
  • The best practices for securing laboratory data and networks from cyber threats.


  • Lauren Pittenger, Ph.D.
    Life Sciences Leader, Booz Allen
  • Shannon Lantzy, Ph.D.
    Regulatory Science Leader, Booz Allen


  • Amber Simco
    Acting Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), National Institutes of Health
  • Michael Ruiz
    Analytics at the Edge Vice President, Booz Allen
  • Dale Curtis
    Professional Services President, Astrix
  • Veterans Affairs
    *Approval pending