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On Demand Webcast – The Connected Lab – How digital transformation is changing the way we do science

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About this Webinar

Digital transformation is driven by the ability to better connect all aspects of the laboratory – devices, consumables, workflows, data and people – to accelerate science and drive laboratory productivity. Smart instruments and consumables are enabling laboratories to improve instrument and consumable usage reducing downtime and optimizing the use of laboratory supplies and capacity. Data analytics solutions are connecting workflows and data across different methods and instruments to enable scientists to derive insight from their data and make informed business decisions. In today’s collaborative work environment, digital technology is connecting people with the right scientific expertise both inside and outside of their organization. To take advantage of these recent advancements and those yet to come, organizations need to connect the laboratory and make data accessible to those who need it. This talk will discuss each of these trends and how Thermo Fisher’s innovative solutions are enabling the digital transformation of the laboratory.