Lab Informatics Industry News and Views for June 2021
Expert Insights - Strategies for Leading a Successful Digital Transformation in the Laboratory
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Digital Transformation Webcast Series: Revolutionizing Scientific Laboratory Informatics

Astrix is bringing together innovative informatics solutions providers from across the industry that are at the forefront of technology to present cutting edge solutions that will enable the transformation of your laboratory into the digital lab of the future. Join us for this unique series to learn more about these revolutionary advancements in laboratory informatics. Upcoming sessions include presentations from Protein Metrics, Clarivate and Alchemy!

Upcoming Session:

June 10th 1:00 EST:  Protein Metrics

“Make Better Decisions About Your Biotherapeutic Earlier”

Biotherapeutics is the fastest growing market segment within the pharmaceutical industry.  This accelerated growth requires special consideration for leveraging the burgeoning volume and complexity of the related analytical data.

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LabVantage LIMS Implementation for a DNA Testing Laboratory

A leading diagnostics laboratory that specializes in DNA based testing was in the process of implementing a LabVantage LIMS. Recognizing the complexity of LIMS implementations, the group was interested in engaging a team of consultants to assist with developing a project strategy, establishing a project plan and providing LabVantage LIMS specific guidance to the project team. Due to Astrix’s extensive expertise with strategic planning and LabVantage LIMS implementations, the client selected Astrix to assist with this project.

Please enjoy our case study reviewing the benefits that Astrix’s LIMS Implementation services provided for a DNA Testing Laboratory.

Academic Institutions and Regulatory Compliance in the Labs: Why It Matters

Major research institutions and academic centers operate in an increasingly complex global network of scientific collaborators. In recent years, there has been a rising number of partnerships between non-profit research institutes and pharma, driven by cuts to academic research budgets, waning pipelines, and the pharma industry’s emphasis on open innovation.  This can make regulatory compliance that much more difficult.

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Astrix On-Demand Webinar - “Smart labs: How to solve the connectivity puzzle” – Presented by Labforward

Laboratories are going smart, and the current pandemic accelerated that process. But what does smart really mean? For sure connectivity is important, but how to distinguish true connectivity from fake connectivity? And how to not only transform digitally on paper but also truly transform your lab and last but not least your people in the lab.