Lab Informatics Industry News and Views for December 2020
Astrix Technology Group Webinar - Leveraging Waters Empower 3 CDS Calculations

December 16th 1:00 PM EST / 10:00 AM PST

Waters Empower 3 software is a chromatography data system (CDS) that links to chromatographic instruments to help facilitate management of chromatography test results through data acquisition, processing and reporting, and has several tools that address compliance and data integrity concerns such as electronic signatures and audit trails. In this webinar, we will discuss the best practices for implementing chromatographic related calculations in Empower to minimize data integrity risks in your laboratory.

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Astrix Partner Webcast Series: The Digital Laboratory: What the Future Holds

Astrix Technology Group is hosting a thought leadership webcast series on “The Digital Laboratory:  What the Future Holds”.  The industry leaders in Laboratory Informatics are partnering with Astrix to share their insights and vision for the Digital Laboratory of the Future. Upcoming sessions include presentations from Abbott Informatics, IDBS and BioIT Solutions.

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White Paper: Transforming your Waters Empower 3 Enterprise into the Digital Lab of the Future

The digital transformation journey of your laboratory starts with the Waters Empower 3 Enterprise at the foundation of your digital lab of the future!  Empower 3 effectively manages all of the chromatography needs within the laboratory from designing a customized, turn-key workflow, the automated analysis of results, developing custom report templates, and data management, to meeting all necessary security and compliance requirements. But that is only the tip of the iceberg!

Astrix 2020 Annual LIMS Survey

Astrix Technology Group, a leading provider of Professional and Outsourced Services for Laboratory Technologies, is conducting our annual survey of companies using LIMS technology. The intention of the survey is to gather relevant information about LIMS deployments from professionals in companies with R&D and QC laboratories across a wide range of industries that will allow us to serve our customers better.

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Astrix On-Demand Webinar “Orchestrating Digital Transformation in the Scientific Laboratory – Presented by Scitara

Today, while the internet and cloud technology are prolific, lab applications, instruments and other resources are still unable to easily and effectively exchange digital data.  Even as scientific instruments and software continue to become more advanced, universal data connectivity in the laboratory has remained a dream. Scitara Corporation is making that dream a reality.

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