Astrix 360 Degree Laboratory Informatics Services

Making the transition to an integrated laboratory ecosystem, and then supporting, maintaining and evolving it once attained, can involve significant IT work and resources. Laboratory Informatics Services by Astrix can help you get to your goals more quickly.

Are you feeling like your laboratory informatics budget is growing out of control and taking more and more resources away from your core business?

A third-party informatics vendor with industry experience and expertise in laboratory informatics systems can be a valuable partner to your organization by providing Laboratory Informatics as a Service (LIaaS).

Astrix 360 Degree Laboratory Informatics Services removes the hassle of managing your own laboratory devices and informatics systems, allowing you to scale your business more effectively – we tailor the level of service to your needs, and you only pay for what you use.

Available services include:

  • Helpdesk for Devices, Lab Systems and Users – provides remote helpdesk support for incidents involving lab devices and systems. This service also provides user support and system administration.
  • Laboratory Equipment Management – equipment repair, maintenance and calibration; inventory management; integration with data-collection systems.
  • Informatics System Lifecycle Support – system management and maintenance; data archival and migration; deployment of application updates and patches; creation and maintenance of system validation documentation.
  • Application Organizational Change Management – user training; creating company SoPs, best practices and work templates.
  • Scientific and Technical Staffing – source necessary talent quickly with our scientific and technical staffing services.

Astrix 360 Degree Laboratory System Services Methodology

Our 360 Degree Laboratory System Services follows a proven, process-driven methodology to perform an effective transfer of services from client to Astrix in a way that mitigates risk, recognizes business needs, and supports the smooth transfer of operational responsibility.

Using industry best practices, we work with you to determine the maturity of existing capabilities in your organization and identify any gaps in required systems. We utilize information gathered in this assessment to develop a service model that is integrated into your organizational structure, responsive to your business needs and strategy, and adaptable to change. All our 360 Degree Laboratory Support Services include a contractual Service Level Agreement (SLA) that serves to guarantee an appropriate level of service.

Whether you are simply looking for help desk support, or an all-in-one solution that includes hardware, software and service, Astrix can deliver a customized support solution that is right for your business and your budget.

Benefits of Astrix 360 Degree Laboratory System Services include:

  • Peace of mind – We provide 24×7 proactive monitoring and management of your laboratory systems and guarantee functionality with an SLA.
  • Lowers total cost of ownership (TCO) – on-demand services where you only pay for what you use.
  • Stay focused on your core business – Leave the complex IT work to us and focus your resources on core business activities.
  • Simplified business and billing – Replaces the need to communicate with and manage multiple vendors with a single point of contact.
  • Reduced system maintenance – System and equipment maintenance required by your in-house IT can be dramatically reduced.
  • Reduced system down time – Down time for your applications due to technical issues, upgrades, patches, etc. is dramatically reduced.
  • Reduced risk – We take care of security and compliance issues so you can stay focused on your core business.
  • Improves business flexibility and agility – Services are easily changeable to meet changing business needs.
  • Consistency – Your informatics applications are monitored and managed against pre-determined SLAs/KPIs.
  • Faster Time-to-Market – Increased focus on core business activities and reduced compliance risk enables a shorter timeline to bring your products to market.