Scientific and Technical Outsourced Services

With scope changes, unforeseen technical challenges, and many other issues that arise during laboratory informatics project implementations, companies must frequently bring in highly specialized resources that are outside of the organization in order to move the project forward. Yet resourcing and project implementation are usually performed as separate rather than parallel activities, which makes it challenging to get the right resources for your project when you need them most. With 32 full-time recruiters on staff and over 20 years of experience in laboratory informatics, Astrix is uniquely positioned to drive your informatics project AND source necessary talent quickly with our scientific and technical staffing services. This results in greater resource agility, increased operational readiness, and ultimately lower risk to your project.

Depending on your needs, Astrix will work with you to perform long-term project planning and drive consistent methodologies that are integrated with the SDLC. From there, we can deliver both a resource plan (with contingencies) and the resources you need to execute effectively on your project portfolio. We also offer ongoing project and program management guidance to ensure that cross-functional projects follow a consistent process.

And when you need to fully externalize application management, Astrix can deliver a fully managed service option, including Level 1 support and total application management.

Astrix is the only service partner on the market today that can offer this level of flexibility for laboratory informatics solutions. You can look to us to support on-going strategic organizational changes and resource constraints, while augmenting your infrastructure with resources and talent in the right context, and at the right time.

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