Strategic Planning

Laboratory technology projects fail most often because functional and strategic needs are not aligned.

Selection, implementation and rollout of an enterprise-class laboratory technology is a high-risk endeavor for many companies because success or failure in the lab often translates into success or failure of the product you’re bringing to market.

Strategic planning is essential to any organization, but even more so for those businesses focused on science and technology, as the dynamic nature requires that companies have a well-defined, yet flexible road map to help steer the business to meet production, operational and financial goals. Without a clear strategic plan, companies often implement solutions that cannot support the business future goals.

Laboratory Informatics Strategic Planning is a core Astrix competency. Astrix informatics consultants possess expertise in a wide range of areas – laboratory informatics systems, industry, scientific domain, regulations, and IT. Using this expertise, combined with over two decades of experience in laboratory informatics projects, we assist clients in developing strategies that serve to maximize organizational efficiency and achieve business goals.

Our experienced informatics professionals will guide you through each step in developing your laboratory informatics strategy.

We begin by thoroughly documenting your laboratory informatics environment and business objectives through a comprehensive series of assessments:

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Once we have thoroughly documented your current state, we apply a best practice Value Engineering methodology to create a strategy that aligns business requirements, technology and people. Finally, we work with you to develop a comprehensive action plan to help you to realize the strategy.

At Astrix, we understand that Laboratory Informatics Strategic Planning is critical to the success of your project and ultimately your business.