Lab Technology Selection Services

Laboratory Technology Selection is not an easy task. For many lab professionals, they have no practical laboratory technology selection experience at all. Choosing the right system to modernize and upgrade your laboratory operating environment can be a daunting task. Given the number of different solutions on the market, most companies simply do not have personnel with enough knowledge about the different options to make an effective decision in this area. At Astrix, we make it our business to stay current on all relevant trends and products in the laboratory informatics industry.


Put our deep scientific domain knowledge, along 20+ years of experience in laboratory automation and informatics consulting, to work in finding the right solution for your laboratory environment.

Our vendor Evaluation and Selection Service begins with a System and Technology Assessment. In this assessment, we utilize a thorough, best-practice method to assess your current (As-Is) environment, determine and validate your requirements, develop a future (To-Be) state, evaluate the market, and present you with a list of vetted commercial solutions that meet your requirements.

Once your System and Technology Assessment is complete, we guide you through the next steps in the selection process:

  • If required, prepare request for proposal (RFP) to be sent to the vendors on your short list
  • Assist with the evaluation of the RFP’s
  • Set up and attend vendor demos with you, while making sure that the demonstration accurately depicts the capabilities of the solution
  • Evaluate vendor demos
  • Help you select the best solution

Deliverables provided to you during Evaluation and Selection include:

  • “As Is” workflow process maps
  • “To Be” workflow process maps
  • Initial vendor evaluation matrix
  • Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threat Assessment
  • User Requirements Specification
  • Request For Proposal – RFP
  • Evaluation and Selection Plan
  • RFP score sheet
  • Demonstration Scripts
  • Demonstration Score sheet
  • Final Vendor Selection Recommendation

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