Our core mission is to create value and trust in the business of science, and we are passionate about what we do. At Astrix, we are scientists ourselves, and we understand the needs of scientific and technical organizations. We offer a variety of resources to serve clients across a number of industries, including:

  • Laboratory informatics consulting services
  • Regulatory and compliance advisory services
  • Professional and scientific staffing services

We Help Clients Excel And Solve Complex Problems With The Right People And The Right Technologies

One of the reasons that scientific organizations choose Astrix is that we can bring all these critical resources to bear on a project. Many laboratory informatics projects, for example, fall behind schedule because the in-house team simply does not have the necessary personnel or time to devote to the project. With 30 full-time scientific staffing recruiting managers located in offices all across North America, we can utilize our staffing augmentation services in this situation to quickly find the necessary high-quality, skilled people you need. No matter what your scientific project requires, we provide the resources and skilled people to make sure it gets done on-time and within budget, and in a manner that satisfies your business objectives.

Astrix provides scientific and informatics consulting to several federal agencies, including the U.S. Navy, National Institute of Health, Department of Treasury and others. Through the Federal BioWatch program, Astrix manages more than 120 scientists, technicians and lab personal across 26 laboratories for the Department of Homeland Security. In addition, our Staffing Division provides services to augment the government workforce with trained laboratorians, ranging from entry level through Ph.D. specialists.

Here is what sets Astrix apart from the competition:

#1 – Expert Laboratory Informatics Consulting Services

  • Astrix has over 25 years of experience offering enterprise-wide, integrated, innovative, end-to-end solutions for the laboratory environment.
  • Our team offers scientific domain knowledge across several different industries and hundreds of different laboratory informatics platforms.
  • We understand the business of science, and can help you integrate informatics solutions into business processes, assuring that your project satisfies your business objectives.
  • Beyond implementation, Astrix can manage the end-to-end operation of informatics systems as a managed service – across partners, sites and CROs.
  • With nearshoring options for highly qualified laboratory informatics professionals, you can leverage specialized resources at a fraction of the cost.

#2 – Strong Track Record of Success

  • All of the top 20 Global Pharmaceutical, Home & Personal Care, Oil & Gas and Environmental Companies have leveraged Astrix Technology Group for Laboratory Informatics services.
  • We have successfully delivered on more than 1,000 scientific software and informatics programs.
  • Many companies say they are vendor neutral, but few really are. As a truly vendor agnostic company, our sole focus is on helping you find the informatics solution that best matches your requirements.

#3 – Flexible Resourcing – Professional and Scientific Staffing

  • We know your industry. Our recruiters have extensive experience providing scientific staffing solutions for many different positions in several different industries.
  • We have flexible staffing options – temp-staffing, temp-to-hire, or direct-hire.
  • With over 186,000 scientific resumes on file, coupled with 30 scientific recruiters and a proprietary MATCH technology for fast and precise placement, we provide the right resources when you need them.
  • With offices and affiliates across North America, we provide resources where you need them.

We take great pride in the work we do and the services we offer. Contact us today to learn more about how you can partner with Astrix to drive your scientific business forward.